Morespace for homeowners

Whether on your wooden deck or concrete patio, an umbrella is an integral part of enjoying the summer.  But traditional umbrella stand bases are heavy, bulky and get in the way.  And quite frankly, they don't really work all that well.  A strong wind or someone bumping into them can cause the umbrella to fall over quite easily.  With the MoreSpace umbrella stand, your can easily install your umbrellas exactly where you want them and be confident that they are securely in place, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional umbrella stand base.

I was amazed at how easy it was to install the MoreSpace umbrella stand. In just a couple of minutes I had my umbrella exactly where I needed it.
— Brian, Homeowner

more space

Traditional umbrella stand bases are unsightly, and take up a lot of room.  They present tripping hazards, and stop you from putting your chairs, tables and family members where you want them in your outdoor space.  The MoreSpace umbrella stand takes up less than 4" of floor space, allowing you more room for the things that matter.

easy set-up and take down

The MoreSpace umbrella stand sets up in minutes using only a common drill.  All of the other parts you need are included, including the drill bit, anchor and stand.  No expertise is necessary to install the MoreSpace stand.

By purchasing extra anchors, you can have multiple locations for your umbrella as the sun changes throughout the season.  You can move your umbrella to a new location in less than a minute.

During the off-season, the MoreSpace stand easily twists off its anchor and can be stored inside and reused again the following season.  Only the small attractive anchor is left behind, flush with your patio or deck.

low cost

Traditional umbrella stands are big, bulky and costly.  The MoreSpace umbrella stand, thanks to its small dimensions and innovative anchor system, costs less than half of a traditional umbrella stand base.

strong and durable

The MoreSpace umbrella stand is built with tough reinforced industrial grade materials so that your umbrella stays put even in rough weather.  Traditional umbrella stand bases have problems keeping the umbrella in place if knocked or in high winds.  The MoreSpace stand is firmly set in place and holds your umbrella tight.