Reclaim your patio or deck space with MoreSpace


The MoreSpace umbrella stand is a revolutionary new product that securely stands your umbrella on concrete, wood, or dirt/sand without a heavy, bulky and expensive base.  Your umbrella takes up less room, is easily movable, and costs you much less money than a traditional umbrella base.

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The MoreSpace umbrella stand takes up much less room than traditional umbrella bases, leaving more room for feet, tables, or whatever else you have.

Installs in minutes with only a household drill, the MoreSpace stand comes with everything you need to put your umbrellas where you want them.

MoreSpace can be removed or moved in seconds for the off-season or when you want your umbrella in a different location.


morespace for business

Restaurants and bars can reclaim valuable patio space and put umbrellas where you need them, not just where the big traditional bases fit.

MoreSpace for Homeowners

Put your MoreSpace umbrella stand on your deck, patio, or around the pool.